Terms And Conditions

General terms and Conditions:

1. Mileage is charged at $0.78 + GST per KM past the home area zone, unless agreed prior.

2. Select solutions limited takes no responsibility in regard to cable or equipment damage AFTER installation.

3. Any changes to invoice must be accepted by both Project engineer and the client before going ahead.

4. Jobs may take longer or shorter then advertised, if the job will take longer Technician will make the client aware of this fact. If job is shorter Technician may call the next job and try to bring it forward.

5. Jack point Location and cable run locations will be agreed prior to work commencing, taking into consideration health and safety and common sense.

Select Solutions wireless terms and conditions:

1. Install costs may vary based on final inspection, if an antenna mount is required add $77

2. All Installed CPE equipment belongs to Select Solutions limited, this includes the radio and basic router. Once term is up you agree to give us access to retrieve the gear.

3. Stated speeds on our plans are best effort and we can not guarantee these speeds 100% of the time due to factors out of our control.

4. Although we provide a no minimum term of subscription, We do requested 1x billing period notice to leave our service, if this is not given extra fees may apply.

5. Our customer service center is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. If the matter is urgent please leave and message, email or submit a support ticket via the customer client zone.

6. We can not guarantee service until a site investigation has been completed.

Plan Conditions

*Conditions apply : Available only in limited areas, send us an email to see if it’s available in your area, site survey required before final confirmation

*1. These speeds are the maximum speeds for this plan, but due to outside factors we can’t guarantee this max speed 100% of the time

*2. The install cost varies due to what zone you are in and how complex the install is please contact us for more information or click the button above.

*3. In order for a phone line to work over our service, an extra box is required at the cost of $79 which you, as the customer, own outright.

*4. Select Solutions retains ownership of all gear supplied unless otherwise agreed upon. This must be returned to Select Solutions upon termination of contract, If not returned a fee will apply.