About Us

Liam Atkins founded Select Solutions in 2017 after seeing a gap in the market for an Internet service provider who actually cared about its customers, with an emphasis on personal service.

Contactability is a cornerstone of the business, as well as having a real person on the end of the phone or email, rather than being stuck in a continuous loop, or Q and A search.

Coupled with Liam and his team’s exceptional customer service, the most important aspect of Select Solutions is that the company manages the whole connection phase from start to finish and then offers an exemplary support service going forward. Having had a background in Telco for over 10 years Liam knew how the big operators worked and where the gaps in service lay.

Now five years on, Select Solutions has built its own bespoke extensive network, specializing in connecting those hard to reach places. Select services West of Titirangi in West Auckland and North of Te Kouma in the Coromandel, all the way up to Port Charles, Including Wyuna bay, Papa Aroha, Waitete Bay, Amodeo Bay, and Colville with high speed and reliable internet.

As well as being a provider of fiber and personalized wireless plans, Select Solutions can also install Webcams, CCTV, data and Wifi networks for both commercial and residential use.